Rubberdocs / About me and my gear

Hello !
I am 50/185/80, short hair, shoe size 45 (US 12), top, living in Paris, France.

I enjoy :
Bondage, Boots licking in 69, Breath Control with gas mask and waders, Collars and muzzles,
Discipline, Sucking and sometimes Fucking, Gags , Gas Masks , Hoods/Masks, Leather, Restraints,
Rangers and Doc Martens, Rubber, Skin gear, WaterSports in rubber. . .

My gear :
- rubber : black catsuit, tee-shirts, yellow polo shirt, brown surfsuit, chaps, pants, levis style jacket, codpiece shorts, pouch front boxers,
underwear, jockstrap, long gloves, hoods, cockring, sheath. . .
- rubber bondage : muzzles, harness, gag, piss gag, rubber restraints, posture collar, plus leather collar and waist belt, chains and cuffs
- waders (Egoli, Boss, Century 3000 Hunter, LaCrosse, Le Chameau Superchamosec, Acton, brown & green Superga, Bekina),
firefighter hip boots and rubber boots (Ranger),
rubber boots (LaCrosse, Armasol Jetwash, Bullseyes, yellow Hunter, Dunlop Acifort, Cofra, Nora Anton, Skellerup, Rockguard, Century 4000, Forrester)
- rangers : 20 hole black with white laces, 14 hole black with yellow laces, 10 hole black, 10 hole cherry red (all steel toe)
and doc martens : 20 hole black red laces (steel toe), 14 hole black and cherry red
- skin gear : bombers, army and urban camo trousers, bleachers
- leather boots : german army boots, engineer, chippewa, frye
- leather gear : pants, chaps, perfecto jackets, shirt, underwear, boxers, gloves, cockring
- three russian and one israeli gas masks

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